Sunday, January 29, 2012

afternoon tea

Yesterday I went to cafe with my friend.

We ordered 'afternoon tea'.

I had been longing for tall 'afternoon' like this!

Though I thought it might be too much for me

because it had not been long time after lunch,

but I ate up all.

All of each were so tasty but especially I liked scone.

I hope I could make such a delicious scone.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sweets town

Last Sunday I made sweets small town with my friends.

When I was a child, I always dreamed of living in a house which is made of sweets.

Though I can't make real sweets house,

I can make small one!

Well, this is my house.

I would like to move to here!!

And this is a five-story pagoda which my friend made.

Later she gave me this, so this is in my stomach now...

This house is also what my friend made.

Cookies are so cute.

A lady in the front of house seems to be rich.

She wears pearl necklace.

This is sweets 'iPhone' my friend made.

Tasty phone!

And this is my friend's solar house.

She told me that there are solar panels on the roof.

I see...

This house is very kind to the environment.

We gathered our creations and a small sweets town appeared!

I made sweets house with eating sweets,

so when I completed making this,

I was already full...

Anyway, I really enjoyed.

I hope I'll make my dream house again.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vietnamese food

Last Saturday I met my friend at Tokyo station and we had dinner together.

We ate Vietnamese food.

I choose rice noodle with soy milk soup.

When we met last time,

we ate Thai food.

I don't know why but when we met together,

we always want to eat ethnic foods.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sweets in Shanghai

One of my enjoyment in Shanghai travelling was Sweets.

I ate many sweet food during my stay in the city.

At first, I found wonderful-looking fruits candy.

I chose strawberry.

It was very tasty but one stick held many strawberries,

so it was difficult to eat.

Unfortunatelly, one strawberry fell when I was eating .......

The next was milk pudding at 'Man Ji Tian Pin'.

It was very delicious.

Many nuts were put on pudding.

I came across this cafe but later my Japanese friend who live in Shanghai told me that

these days this cafe is very popular amoung Shanghai people. 

Next is this.

Shaved ice with mango sauce.

It was like a mountain.

I ate this with five people.

I ate another shaved ice too.

I don't know what are these beans

but anyway it was delicious.

And I ate egg tart. 

My friend recommended me this.

She is familiar with many delicious food so I believed her.

Taste was amazing!

Smell of butter and it was like a egg pudding.

This was the best in sweets I ate in Shanghai.

The last one was rice cake which I brought from Japan to my friend's house.

Japanese people eat rice cake with bean jam in New Year

so I bought this in Japan.

It was good.

I was glad to be able to spend this New Year vaction with my friend in Shanghai.

in Shanghai

I spent the end of year and New year's day in Shanghai.

Though Christmas had already ended then,

I saw so many electric decorations of Christmas tree and Santa Claus around the city.

Shanghai was very big city.

When I was walking in the city,

I found funny mannequin.

I think ... their hat is too small!

Monday, January 9, 2012

dumplings in Shanghai!

I spent the end of year and New year's day in Shanghai.

My friend has been working there so I visited her.

As I really like Chinese food, especially dumpling,

I ate dumpling everyday when I stayed in China.

This is one I ate in Wuxi.

It was double size compared with normal one

and skin was thicker.

This is one I ate in Suzhou.

I ate dumpling and fried dumpling.

Both are so tasty.

This is one I ate at Din Tai Fung in Shanghai.

This restaurant is based on Taiwan and very famous.

It is more expensive than other local restaurants but so delicious.

I have heard that there are also Din Tai Fung in Japan but I haven't been yet. 

This is one I ate in Shanghai before I went back Japan.

It was cheap and succulent.

Actually though I had something lying on my stomach during my stay

but I really enjoyed eating many dumplings in China.