Friday, November 29, 2013

autumn leaves

Last Saturday
I went to Jindai temple to attend the handmade market.
Fortunately it was so nice weather that day.
I could see many beautiful autumn leaves.
I couldn't walk around because I had the heavy luggage then,
so I would like to visit there agin just for sightseeing :-)


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friday night

Last Friday,
I found a strawberry at the supermarket.
I suddenly wanted to make a strawberry cake and eat it!
So I bought the strawberry and started to make the cake after dinner.

When it was completed and started to have it,
it was already 11 PM!!!
I will get the weight but it was so delicious :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

exit from the earth?

Last Saturday,
I went to Roppongi.
I could see many Christmas lights there.

I saw the night view from Mori tower.
I found Tokyo tower.
I think the form and color of it is so beautiful.
But...what is the green light which is at the right side of it?

it was the emergency exit mark.
The green mark of the exit on the Mori tower was reflected to the window,
so when I tool the photo from inside,
the reflected light was also in the photo.
When I saw this photo later,
I thoght that this emergency exit mark looked like the exit from the earth to the universe.
It was interesting.
Tokyo is very big city.
Some people say that Tokyo is too busy
and they feel lonely.
But I like here.
It is energetic.

After seeing beautiful night view,
I went to the museum in the same tower.
Though I couldn't understand some artworks,
but I enjoyed there.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pocky & PRETZ day

It is a Pocky & PRETZ day today.
Actually this is just a commercial strategy by the snack industry.
The industry promotes cosumer to buy and eat Pocky and PRETZ on November 11th every year.
November 11th, which is 11 / 11, looks like Pocky and PRETZ because of these straight lines.

I am a good consumer so I had obeyed this strategy.
But since 2011's Pocky and PRETZ day,
I had made them by myself.
I made PRETZ this year.

I used the garlic margarine instead of the normal margarine.
It was more delicious than I had expected ;)
This is the photo of 2011.
I wanted to make the slim pocky
but it was too fat.
It didn't look like Pocky.
So there was no other choice but to confess that this is Pocky!

By the way

now I noticed..I misspelled..

It is not Pockey but Pocky...

In 2012,
My Pocky got slim :)
It was tasty.
But coating with chocolate was hard work.
The PRETZ which I made this year was good choice.
I had no such a hard work ;)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

English exam

I had the English oral exam in Kudanshita.
This exam consists of two parts.
I had the writing exam last month and today's exam is the second part.
I hope to pass the exam...
But I have to continue studying English regardless the result.
Passing the exam is not the goal.
After the exam,
I went back home on foot.
It took about one hour.

And I had lunch in my room,
then went to the climbing gym afternoon.
I did a lot of excercise today.
I will be able to sleep well tonight...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Christmas trees

I took a walk around Nihonbashi.
I found big Christmas trees at the entrance of Mitsukoshi.
It was beautiful.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

pumpkin pie and Nihonbashi night

I had dinner with my friend at Tokyo station.
We had a noodle.
It was nice.
I was full.
But I had one more stomach.
We went to Bubby's and ate cake.
I ordered the pumpkin pie.
It was sooooo delicious.
If I was not full then,
I could have had one more.

Then we walked Nihonbashi.
 I like the atmosphere of Nihonbashi night.
It is noble and elegant.

Monday, November 4, 2013

last Saturday

Last Friday,
my Taiwanese friend came to Japan.
We met at the hostel in Denmark  4 years ago.
It is amazing that we could meet again in Japan!!
We went to some places in Tokyo on Saturday.
At first,
we went to Senso-ji.
It is famous and populer both for Japanese and foreighner.
But when we arrived there,
I saw a shocking scene.
The big paper lantern which is the symbol of there was under the renovation.
So we could see only the picture of it...
But I reconsidered.
This scenery is more rare than normal!
In the area of the temple,
there were many stores and food stalls.
I found the choco banana and got it soon.
I really like this.
We had Soba for lunch near the temple.
It was so nice!

After that,
we looked around Akihabara and head for Shinjyuku to see my friends.
We two and 5 Japanese friends had dinner together.
And after that,
we went to thirty-one to have the dessert.
I ordered two scoop of ice cream.

Pattern of my ice creams was similer to my friend's jacket a little...

After that,
we went to Tokyo Metropolitan government tower and saw beautiful night view.
It was a nice day this day.