Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sweets in Shanghai

One of my enjoyment in Shanghai travelling was Sweets.

I ate many sweet food during my stay in the city.

At first, I found wonderful-looking fruits candy.

I chose strawberry.

It was very tasty but one stick held many strawberries,

so it was difficult to eat.

Unfortunatelly, one strawberry fell when I was eating .......

The next was milk pudding at 'Man Ji Tian Pin'.

It was very delicious.

Many nuts were put on pudding.

I came across this cafe but later my Japanese friend who live in Shanghai told me that

these days this cafe is very popular amoung Shanghai people. 

Next is this.

Shaved ice with mango sauce.

It was like a mountain.

I ate this with five people.

I ate another shaved ice too.

I don't know what are these beans

but anyway it was delicious.

And I ate egg tart. 

My friend recommended me this.

She is familiar with many delicious food so I believed her.

Taste was amazing!

Smell of butter and it was like a egg pudding.

This was the best in sweets I ate in Shanghai.

The last one was rice cake which I brought from Japan to my friend's house.

Japanese people eat rice cake with bean jam in New Year

so I bought this in Japan.

It was good.

I was glad to be able to spend this New Year vaction with my friend in Shanghai.

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