Thursday, July 18, 2013

the sea

I went to the sea with my friends last Sunday.
it was sunny that day.
We could enjoy swimming.
In the green area near the sea,
one cat was relaxing.
We talked to her,
But she ignored.
she was a cool cat.
We wanted to be friends with her,
so we neared to her.
She didn't go away.
We tried to touch and caressed her.
She seemd to be so comfortble.
she was a friendly cat ;)

In the sea,
I was floating on the water with a swim tube for a while
because I am not good at swimming.
As a result,
I got sunburned on my shoulder and only one side of the arms...
Even today I still have any pain...

After we enjoyed the sea,
we ate a grilled meat for dinner.
We had swum a lot and been so hungry,
so it was more delicious :)

ma la tang

I ate 'ma la tang' for dinner a few days ago.
A ma la tang is a Chinese bean-starch vermicelli.
In the restaurant,
I could choose three ingredients from the shelf on the back.
I chose a green vegetable, won-ton, and fried ball.
And I passed them to the staff in the kitchen.
Then the staff cooked it and served the dish to me.

I also could choose the spicy level.
According to the staff,
The level '0' is not spicy.
The level '1' is a little spicy.
So she told me that 'if you don't like the spicy one so much,
I can recommend you the level 0.5'.
So I ordered that.

As she said,
it was not so spicy.
But it was more spicy than I had expected.
it was delicious :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

nameko mushroom cake...

I made a cake.
It was a .....
 nameko mushroom cake.
A nameko mushroom is about to eat himself....

Of course
a real nameko is not in the cake.
A peach is in it.
Mushroom is only for a shape ;) ;) ;)
It was so delicious.

Monday, July 1, 2013

sooooo long!!

Yesterday when I was eating MacDonald's potato,
I found the longest one!!!
It was so long.
It was lucky...hehehe ;)