Sunday, May 26, 2013


Yesterday I went to bouldering.
After the climbing,
I went to drinking with my bouldering friends.
In that Japanese bar,
any in the menu had three kind of size.
'Normal', 'Crazy', ans 'So crazy'.
We ordered the crazy size of the fried potato.
It was served soon.
it was really crazy amount.
I imagine if we had ordered 'So crazy size',
how too much it was....

Though we ordered any other menus too,
even 6 people couldn't eat all of potato.
So we took out the left.
My dinner of tonight will also be the potato.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

always pancake

Last night I had a pancake with my friends.
The pancake menu of this restaurant is my favorite,
so every time I go there,
I always order a pancake.
Of course this restaurant serves other dishes too.
Especially the hamburger menu looks so delicious.
I would like to try.
Every time I think,
'this time I will order other menu too'.
 I know how delicious the pancake is,
so finally I always order a pancake...
It happened last night too.
I was about to order other menu but when the waitress came to our table,
I changed my mind.
I ordered the coconut pancake.
But anyway,
it was so tasty.
By the way,
we three people happend to order the same pancake :)

Monday, May 13, 2013


I played bowls with my friends.
The last time I went to the bowling alley was about 10 years ago.
My score of yesterday was unbeliavable.
It was 54...
It was the worst among 7 people!
But I enjoyed.
So I don't mind :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

the last day of the holidays

It was the last day of Golden Week holidays yesterday.
Unfortunately I had caught a cold.
AM 8:00
woke up and had a breakfast
AM 9:30
went to bed again
PM 1:00
woke up and had a lunch
PM 2:00
went to bed
PM 6:00
wake up and had a dinner
AM 0:00
went to bed again....
I slept a lot
so I got better ;)
Though I could do nothing at the last day of the holidays,
it was luckey that I could have enough time to rest.
By the way,
I ate the pudding after the dinner.
I got enough calories too yesterday.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Asian buffet

Today I went to Asian buffet for lunch.
I like Asian food.
The rice porridge was especially tasty.
I ate a lot..
I was full till evening,
so I couln't have dinner today...