Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tonkatsu and Bouldering

A few weeks ago I went to bouldering with my friend.

Before climing we had dinner together.

My friend suggested to eat Tonkatsu.

It was very good.

We could have free refills on rice, cabbage and Miso soup.

I had a refill of Miso soup.

I ate a lot this night.

I don't know if it was because for it,

but when I was climing in the gym,

I felt my body was heavier than usual.

We ate a lot and climbed so much.

Bouldering was fun.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

sweets party

Last week I made any kinds of sweets with my friends.

There were nine people

so amount of chocolate was also so much.

We made chocolate cake.

I put berry on the top of one of cakes.

Smell of chocolate cake filled the room.

It was a smell which mekes me happy.

 We made truffle too.

We made a lot of white chocolate balls which contains mango.

Even before they were coated with black chocolate,

they looked so tasty.

I really wanted to eat them though I understood that they hadn't completed yet.  

Yellow balls turned black soon by coating.

We made two kinds of truffle.

Mango and Berry.

But we couldn't know if it was berry or mango till cutting

because surface of all was just a black chocolate ball.

We made cookies too.

Smile, rabbit, cat and heart... 

After we made up all kind of sweets,

we tasted them.

It was like a sweets buffet.

I really enjoyed both making and tasting.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Indian lunch

It was warm today.

Pegeons were also sitting on the ground and feeling spring sun.

I had Indian food for lunch.

It was buffet style.

Any kind of dishes were so hot but everything were tasty.

Especially I liked the vegetable curry.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Korean-style grilled beef party

A few weeks ago I joined the Korean-style grilled beef party.

One Korean girl made Korean dishes for everyone.

This is Korean pickle 'KIMUCHI'.

She made a lot of Kimuchi so we shared it after the party and took out it to each home.

She made 'Ddeogboggi' too.

This is Korean dish which uses rice cake.

I liked Ddeogboggi the best in the party.

Many dishes were brought to the table.

The preparation for dinner was about to be finished soon.

At last meat was grilled.

It was good smell. 

When we ate meat,

we wrapped it and Welsh onion with leaves and added any kind of sauses.

It was so tasty and succlent.

Meat and leaves is very good combination.

Most of Korean dishes are hot.

It was windy and cold that day

so thanks to Korean dishes,

I could heat myself.

I really enjoyed the party.

The organizer of the party told me that he would plan the 'cherry-blossom viewing party' next time.

I am looking forward to it.