Sunday, October 30, 2011


Yesterday I went to 'YONG XIANG SHENG JIAN GUAN' in Ueno to eat fried dumpling.

I ordered it with curry soup.

I ate fried dumpling  for the first time in Ikebukuro a few month ago.

It was so succulent and tasty,

so since then I ate it many times at any restaurants.

But I think this restaurant's one is the best.

I would like  to eat this everyday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

vigorous weed

When I was walking last Sunday,

I found the weed which came from the interspace of wall.

I was surprised to see its vitality!

The weed is strong.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pineapple cake

One of my favorite food...

It is pineapple cake from Taiwan.

I really like this.

I found this at the store which sell Asian foods in Ikebukuro.

It is named 'cake' but like a cookie.

Sweet pineapple jam is covered with cookie.

It is very sweet but so delicious!

After once I began to eat,

I can not stop myself!!!

with chocolate sauce

Last Saturday I had lunch with my friends.

We went to the restaurant which has varied chocolate menu.

It includes even chocolate main foods.

I ordered curry rice with chocolate sause.

Sauce was normal chocolate sause.

I put this onto the curry.

Combination of them was so surprising but very good!

Even though without chocolate sauce was also good enough,

 but by adding it, taste became mild.


Last week I made Quiche.

Before when I visited my friend's house,

she made quiche for me.

It was so delicious so I asked her the recipe of it.

I tried it last week.

The way of making was very easy but taste was so good!

I will make Quiche again.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

visiting Kyusyu

Last Saturday I went to Kyusyu to attend my friend's wedding ceremony.

It took about 5 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kokura.

I spent great time there when I was a university student,

 so I was very glad to be able to visit Kyusyu again and meet friends.

I stayed in Kokura that night with friends and next day we moved to Fukuoka to meet another friend.

We had lunch together at chinese restaurant.

I ordered 'Chanpon' which is noddle from Nagasaki.

It was good.

We talked with a lot.

I met many friends in visiting Kyusyu this time.

Any have children already, one is pregnant,

and the another will marry next January.

Situations around us is vary and we are busy everyday

but ourselves haven't been changed.

We have dreams or study for own goals,

and it is same with time when we were student.

Meeting friends of university motivated me a lot.

It was very precious time to me.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tan tan noddle in Ikebukuro

Today I had Tan tan noodle at Sichuan food restaurant in Ikebukuro.

Sichuan food is known for being spicy. 

I wanted to order Tan tan noddle

but if it was too spicy I thought I couldn' t eat,

so I asked waitress how spicy it was.

The waitress seemed to be Chinese.

She answered that it was not so spicy,

so I ordered.

As soon as I began to eat,

I found that it was so hot and spicy....

Maybe this level of spicy is not special for Chinese, I learned...

Anyway even though it was so spicy and hot but I liked it.

It was not bad.