Monday, February 25, 2013

Japan Cup

Yesterday I saw the Japan cup of the boudering at the Komazawa park.
I started the bouldering two years ago,
but it was the first time to see a live match.
I watched only the final match.
I had been looking forward to watching the climbing of one woman.
She is so prominent and very famous.
Not only she is tough but also so beautiful.
Her climbing was excellent than I had expected.
Of course she got the champion of this match.
When a climber was climbing the wall,
The audience was also so nervous.
They, including me,
sometimes gave a sigh,
sometimes shouted 'hold on!!',
sometimes clapped hands many times....
soooo exciting!!!!
By the way,
It was held Tokyo marathon yesterday.
When I was heading for the statin,
I found many running people.
yesterday dogs were also enjoying the marathon.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Last week
I went to snowboarding with my friends.
The weather was so fine....till we arrived the slope..
The sky seen from the bullet train was so fine.
There was no cloud and it was so beautiful blue sky.
But as close as we got to the slope,
the weather was becoming dark and snowstorm...
As a result,
though we could enjoy snowboarding,
we could see almost nothing.

Now we are planning to go agin.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chocolate brownie

Last week we had the Valentine's Day.
In Japan,
generally girls give a chocolate to boys on that day.
To boyfriend, friend, family, and co-workers....
I made a chocolate brownie to send my dad.
I made it with my favorite recipe.
I put the chocolate on the brownie as soon as it was baked.
Then the chocolate starts to melt on the brownie by the heat of it.
And I widen the chocolate soon.
Taste was...not so bad ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013


Sometimes I am addicted to the flour.
I love biscuits, bread and scone...
I baked the scone last week.
I used the olive oil instead of the butter.
The taste was..un not so bad :)
I ate all soon.
I will bake it with nuts next time.
I am sure that it would be more delicious!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

sweet Sushi

Last week my friend gave me Sushi candies.
It was just a candy which imitated its appearance to Sushi.

I can't eat raw fish but can taste these sweet ones ;)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

weekend cooking

I cooked any dishes yesterday.
At the first,
I made a noodle for Saturday's lunch.
The soup was based on soy sause.
I put the cheese on it.
Putting it on noodle was my first try but the taste of it was not bad.
I liked it :)
 And at night,
I made a quiche and 'aglio e olio peperoncino'.
Cooking the pasta of this taste was also first time to me,
but it was also not so bad :)
Usually I am so lazy in the weekend
but I could enjoy cooking yesterday.