Monday, November 28, 2011

fried dumpling near Tokyo station

Yesterday I ate fried dumpling at the restautrant near Tokyo station.

I had known this resutaurant since before but it was first time to try.

When I passed the restaurant, I had always found the waiting people,

so I had expected that it must be so delicious.

Fortunately there was no people in the restaurant yesterday

because it was earlier time than dinner.

But when I began to eat, many people came into the restaurant.

I really like fried dumpling and this was also so tasty.

The cook fried this as soon as I ordered so it was so hot and delicious.

And also I ordered noodle (涼皮麺 liang pi mian) too.

This noodle is made from rice powder and there was spicy sauce on the top.

Umm...this was also not bad but I like fried dumpling after all.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

walnut bread

I baked walnut bread last night.

Though I sometimes bake bread,

adjusting the amount of water is still difficult.

Last night volume of water seemed to be less than moderate.

I will challenge again soon.


Last night my friend came to my house.

She bought me cake!

It is cake with Doujima roll.

That base is Doujima roll.

Doujima roll is very famous rolled cake in Japan.

I chose Mont Blanc.

Though I had expected that it would be so delicious,

I found that actual taste was better so much!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

rabbit cake

This is rabbit cake which I ate a few days ago.

There was rasberry jam and tea flavor cream inside.

Not only it is so lovely,

taste is also good.

When I ate this,

I felt sorry...

I am sorry, rabbit....

But 3 seonds later,

I forgot such a feeling.

ummm...good! So delicious!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Last Saturday I bought pedometer.

I like walking so I wanted to know how many I walk every day.

When I looked for pedometer at the shop,

I was surprised to see many kinds of it.

I knew many new functions.

What I bought was not so expensive,

but it measures the amount of calories I burn up while walking

after setting my weight and length of stride at the beginning.

I think it is good function.

Today I walked about 7000 steps.

I had work today so this number was not so many.

The amount calories I burned up was also not so was only 200kcal.

I found that burnning off calories is not easy... 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nov 11th is...

It is Nov 11th today.

This is Pockey day.

It is just the strategy of confectionary company.

I know it but I eat pockey on this day every year.

I ate strawberry pockey last year.

I bought normal pockey this year. is simple and tasty....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yesterday I received cookies from mom.

She often makes cookie and I really like it since I was a child.

Actually one of my most favorite food is cookie.

When I was a graduate student,

I was always eating cookie in the study room,

so my peer called me 'cookie monster'.

Though I like cookie so much and eat many kind of it,

I am fussy about it.

Commercial cookie is usually too sweet to me.

Both too hard and too soft is not good.

Moderate crunchy texture is important.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nice to meet you, I am Pockey!!

In Japan, 11th November is 'Pockey Day'.

It is just a sales strategy by confectionary company.

I know that but I buy pockey on Pockey Day every year.

This year I decided to make pockey.

It hasn't been that day yet,

but I had time last Saturday so I made.

I made...but it doesn't look pockey...

Real pockey is like a stick and more slim.

So I wrote 'pockey' to them..

Um...It is really pockey!!

Everyone can see!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Today I had jogging with my friend in the morning.

We started running from Hatagatya and jogged around Shinjyuku, Yoyogi.

Actually my friend took bicycle,

so we took turns jogging and riding bicycle.

We dropped at the building of prefectural office in Shinjyuku.

The scenary from it was great though weather was not perfect.

After jogging,

we had Indian curry for lunch.

It was so good but too much for me.

So I was so full and sleepy after lunch...

As a result I had a nap.

I wanted to be healthy so I jogged this morning,

but sleeping as soon as I ate is not good....I know...


Thursday, November 3, 2011

No way!

Today I found the cat which is relaxing with fruits at vegetable store.

Is this cat also salable!?

No way!!


Last Sunday I made Takoyaki, which is 'octopus dumpling' in English.

I used fish sausage insead of octopus.

I think it is not only cheper than octopus but also tasty!

When I was university student,

my friends presented me Takoyaki machine in my birthday.

Though about 10 year has passed since then,

I often use that machine even now!

It is so useful.

I really thank to my friends!