Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring day

Last Saturday I went out to see a cherry blossom.
According to the weather forecast,
A cherry blossom was it's best that day.
As it said,
I could see very beautiful flower.
I was so happy to be able to feel spring.
I really want to thank to this sensation.
By the way,
there were sooooo many people at Harajyuku station.
This station is always crowded.

After I enjoyed watching cherry blossom,
I went to Meiji Shrine.
I came across a Japanese style wedding ceremony.
It was so beautiful.

I found the cherry blossom ice cream at the cafe near the shrine.
I tried.
It was soooo tasty ;)
I really could enjoy the spring day.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sakura mochi

Last week I made a Sakura mochi.
Sakura mochi is a cherry flavored soft sweet rice cake.
It is a sweet for spring.
I really like Sakuramochi so finally I made it!!
At first I soak the salted cherry leaf in water to get the salt out.

Then make the bean paste into a ball.
I made 16 balls.

And prepare for the pink colored glutinous rice.

Then make it as a stick.
Then divide it into 16 parts.
 And wrap a round bean paste with the pink colored glutinous rice.
They look so delicious already!
 Finally cover each pink ball with a cherry leaf.

I made the flower shaped Sakuramochi too :)
Making Sakuramochi was so fun and it was much more delisious than one I buy at the store.
I was so satisfied with. 
I will make it again!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

cherry blossom? cake

Today I ate the cherry blossom cake at the Doutor.
I was looking forward to it  because I love the flavor of cherry blossom.
But actually it was a normal cake...not a cherry blossom.
But anyway it was delisious :)

beans curry and naan

I made a beans curry and naan.
Both were not so bad but the naan was harder than I had expected.
It may bacause that the dry yearst was old a little.
I will try to bake it again ;)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big cake

Last Tuesday
I had the opportunity to eat soooo big cake.
It was my dream to have such a big one.
Actually it was after the delicious dinner
so I was already full then...
but I really wanted to taste it.
Big cake was cut into 8 pieces..
Big cake was still big even after having been shared.
The photo is not beautiful,
but it was not for small plate
but for big one piece.

Anyway it was so delicious and so happy and it was like a dream ;)

Base Camp

Last week
I went to the biggest climbing gym, 'Base Camp' in Saitama prefecture.
On the way to the gym,
I found the chocolate drink from 'Chocolatier Masale' at the station.
Chocolatier Masale is my favorite chocolate shop in Hokkaido.
So I boutht it as soon as I saw it.
Taste was...
sooooo chocolate!!
sooooo rich.
I liked it.

Then I arrived at the gym.
As I saw it in the web previously,
it was really big.

And the most surprising thing was that I found many highly skilled children there.
I don't see them at the gym I usually go.
Children were flexible, light and it seemed to be easy to climb.
I want to emulate them...
I have to train harder than now.