Thursday, November 29, 2012

the leaf viewing 2

Last weekend I went to the leaf vieweing with my friends again.
This time we went to the Rikugien.
It is Japanese garden.
The leaf have turned red already. beautiful.

When I told mom that I would go to the leaf viewing on the previous day,
she said that 'oh the leaf viewing... so you have to buy Momiji manju'.
Momiji manju is the famous sweet souvenir of Hiroshima.
It has the shape of the leaf.
I searched the store where I could get it in Tokyo,
and finally I could find.
It was sold at Mitsukoshi whish is the famous department store.
So I went there only to get Momiji manjyu in the rain...
When we were enjoying viewing the colorful leaves,
we found the street performers.
They were spinning the plate with their foreheads.

Then we continued walking...

Oh again Momiji manjyu...

I also found the green carpet.
So beautiful.

After that one another friend joined us and we had Turkish lunch.
It was so tasty.

The interior decorating of that restaurant was also nice.
It was a good holiday.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The autumn leaves

Today I met my friend at Shinjyuku.
We had lunch together.
I ate wheat noddle.
Then we went to Shinjyuku Gyoen to see the autumn leaves.
Flowers were also beautiful.
There were many kinds of chrysanthemum.
We found white one.

My friend said that this was like a 'Ika syuumai' which was the steamed Chinese dumpling of squid.
 The real Ika Shuumai is this. she said,
they are very similar.

The leaves hasn't turned red compeletely yet.
But it was beautiful and walking outside was good exercise.
I could have myself refreshed.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This morning

Every morning
when I wake up,
I open the curtain at first.
But then I am still sleepy so go back to my bed and sleep more 30 minutes.
But this morning when I opend the curtain,
the color of the sky was beautiful.
So I opened the window and took the photo.
The air of the morning was cold.
So I wake up completely.
As a result I didn't go back to my bed today.
I could relax and clean my room in the morning because I had time.

To wake up early is good.

Monday, November 12, 2012

dinner of Sunday

Today my friends came to my room at night.
So I made dinner for them.
I made fried rice, Tofu hamburg,
dumpling soup, and Tomato and avocado salad.
Having something with friends is always fun.
One friend made sweets.
Cookie and cake....
We had them as a dessert.
It was a nice Sunday dinner.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pocky and Misshy

Tomorrow is 11/11.
1111 is like a pocky.
So it is Pocky's day!!
I made pocky.
They were shorter than real pocky.
 But taste was not bad.
Many pockies are like twigs.

And also my friend passed the entrance exam for university recently.
So I made cookie to celebrate him.
He likes Misshy which is the character of game.

So  I made Misshy.
This is a real Misshy.
Misshy is so cute.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

red mustard

Today I had dinner with my friend at the Japanese style pub.
When we ordered the grilled chicken,
the mustard for it was also served.
It was red and the shape of it was heart.
So cute.
I wanted to do something to it...
So I changed it to the star with toothpick.
Also I added eyes and mouth to it.
It is not...cute...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sushi clock

Today I visited my friend.
She have just moved to new apartment.
And she lives with her fiance now.
Their new room was so nice.
I found the interesting was a Sushi clock.
And also it had the cat ear.
The mysterious combination...
My friend made me so tasty dinner.
After having it we ate the pumpkin cheeze cake.
She made the persimmon milk juice.
It was also so healthy and delicious.
It was a nice Friday today.