Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jyangara noodle

Last Saturday after I ate pancake with my friends in Harajyuku,

we moved to Akihabara and ate noodle for dinner at Jyangara.

My friend told me that Jyangara is famous noodle restaurant,

but I didn't know.

I ordered the noodle without soup.

Seafood powder was put on the noodle.

I liked it.

Actually this day I ate noodle for lunch too,

but I like noodle better than any other main food,

so I don' t care about it at all

and even every meals are noodle is good for me.

This morning I had meeting with American using web on my job.

It was the first time to have English session to me

so I was nervous a little.

Sometimes American couldn't understand my English and

I also couldn't understand what they spoke.

I really recognized that I have to train my English speaking and listenning skill....

This kind of experience is precious because it can motivate me.

The important thing is to keep on doing it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

line up

When I walked around in Akihabara last Sunday,

I found pegions lining up on the electrical wire.

Do they have pigeons meeting from now? 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I went to cafe in Harajyuku to have pancake last Saturday.

Two weeks ago when we passed in the front of the cafe,

we found outside menu and photos.

They seemed to be so delicious,

but we had already had sweets then,

so we decided to go there next week.

It is why we went to this cafe last Saturday.

I ordered normal one.

It is so cute!!

Taste was also delicious!

One of my friend ordered pancake with maple cream.

This was also so good!!

 We three people enjoyed sweets so much!

Actually on ther way to this cafe,

we also found another cafe which seems to be good,

so maybe we will go there next time.


When I come back from my hometown to Tokyo,

I found Doraemon cafe latte in the airport!

It was so cute!

I ordered it soon!

The taste was also not so bad!!

in my hometown

Last week I went back my hometown and stayed at my parent's house for whole a week.

I could enjoy spending time with my fammily, meeting with my friends.

I found any tomatos in my parent's house.

I made tomato flower with them!

It is smiling!!

One day I went out the park with my friend.

The autumn festival was being held and I ate pumpkin softcream there.

It was clear pumpkin color so I expected the actual pumpkin taste,

but it was not so much.

The other day when I got off the train, I could see really beautiful setting sun.

By seeing this I found that summer has gone and autumn is near.

It may already has come.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today I had a headache in the morning and I didn't want to go out,

so I baked breads.

I made panda, smile face, and bear with bread.

At first I wanted to make many pandas but it was a little difficult,

so I gave up and made smile and bear.

They are easier!

Taste was not so bad.

I will eat them for tomorrow breakfast too!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today I went to 'SHIMURA' near Mejiro station to eat shaved ice.

It was my first visiting there.

When I met my cousin last Saturday,

he told me about this cafe and recommended me to go there anytime.

He said that he hadn't eaten such a delicious shaved ice ever.

I expected so much to hear that

because he knows well about many delicious cafe and restaurant around Tokyo.

I chose azuki bean taste.


As he told me, it was so good.

Ice was so fine and it was sophisticated taste,

and I also think it was more delicious than usual shaved ice.

But my expecting was too high so I was not so surprised to eat it.

Anyway, it was hot day today and it was well chosen!

I was happy to eat it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Last night I talked with my friend by skype and then we talked about pancake.

Afterthat I began to feel like eating pancake!

So I made it this evening.

I made panda pankake.

I abbreviate 'panda pancake' to 'PANCAKE'!!

I used rice powder for pancake and I hadn't used it till today.

I haven't tasted  pancake yet, I will do tomorrow morning for breakfast.

They will be in my stomach soon...I am so sorry, two pandas!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today the president of my company gave us corns.
They are from Hokkaido.
As soon as I got home, I boiled them and tasted.
um...they are so sweet as were expected!!
I will have rest of them tomorrow morning...


I start English blog from Today to improve my English skill.
I think to practice and continue are very important and writing blog is a good way for them.
I would like to train my English with introducing my Tokyo life.