Monday, April 29, 2013

go to Yokohama

Today is the third day of Golden week holidays.
I went to Yokohama with my friend.
There were so many people everywhere.
I found the big elephant nose and red ball in the sky of Yokohama.
The beer festa was held near the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.

Though I hadn't drunk the beer so much,
I tried it today.
I ordered the black beer.
It was bitter...

After I drank the beer,
I began to feel sick.
I was sick at my stomach.
I felt dizzy.
I couldn't move anymore...
 Today I re-realized that my body is not suitable for the alcohol...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

this is...

This is me in my office.
It is a joke.
This is the gift from my co-worker.


When I went to shopping yesterday,
I found many socks flowers.
They were so cute.
I like this idea.

After I enjoyed shopping,
I had a break time at the cafe.
It's atmosphere was so retro.
It was like that I was at the cafe of the Showa Era.
I really liked it.
The cake was also delicious.

Friday, April 19, 2013

apple cake

Last night,
I made an apple cake.
I added the nuts into it.
This morning I tasted the cake.
It was so delicious ;)

Monday, April 15, 2013

go back to hometown

Last weekend I went back to my hometown.
I made Sakura mochi for my family.
Sakura mochi is the cherry flavored soft sweet rice cake.
My mom ate 4 Sakura mochis at once and said that she was so full.
I thought it was no wonder.
I really like mom's dish.
She made the soup curry for Sunday lunch.
It was delisious.

And I like my parents' house.

I had dinner with my parents at the airport.
We went into the Italian restaurant.
We were sitting on the seat near the glass.
Suddenly my mom said that they were watching us.
Who were they?
I looked at the left side.
Oh I understood soon.
They were pigs!!

I ordered the cheeze pasta.
The staff made it in front of us.
She put the pasta into the big cheeze bowl
and mixed it.
Good smell.
Good taste.
It was so delisious.

This time my stay in my hometown was very short
but I could be satisfied with a lot.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Last Saturday I went to the CUP NOODLES FACTORY in Yokohama.
Many historical cup noodles were displayed there.
Especially I was interested in the Doraemon noodle.
It was so cute!!
I hope it would be reproduced now.

And there was the wall of cup noodle!

The first instant noodle was invented by Japanese.
Ando Momofuku, who is the inventor of it,
challenged making the instant noodle many times in this room.

This is the art noodle.
After I learned about the history of the instant and cup noodles,
and the inventor of them,
I joined to the workshop of a chicken noodle.
I could experience making noodle.

This is my noodle.

Making it was so interesting.
Though I couldn't take photoes but we made the noodle from the flour.
I already tasted my noodle.
It was much more delicious than sold ones ;)
After I enjoyed making noodles,
I drank the mint chocolate at the cafe near the factory.
It was also sooooo yummy!
I liked Yokohama so much.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

the shaved ice

It is getting warm these days.
I ate the shaved ice last Thursday.
I ordered the 'strawbeery and milk'.
It was soooo yummy ;)