Sunday, October 28, 2012

snow ball cookie

It will be my dad's birthday soon.
So I made the snow ball cookie for him.
I will send this tomorrow.
I lessened the amount of suger for his health ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

shape of a star!!!

The 'Pure gummi' is my favorite gummi candy.
Especially I like the lemon flavor.
So I often buy it.
Today when I was eating it,
I found one gummi which shape was star!!
Normally it's shape is a heart.
So the shape of a star is rare and it was my first time.
I was so happy and I took the photo of it as my memory....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shinjyuku and Tokyo station

Today I went to Shinjyuku with my friend.
When we were walking,
I found Ganesha which was made of balloon.
When I am walking anytime and anywhere in Tokyo,
I can find anything interesting every time.
It is one of my favorite elements of Tokyo.
Then we ate noodle for lunch near Shinjyuku station.
It was tasty.
After eating lunch and looking around any shops,
we still had time so went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
If it was good weather,
we could see Mt. Fuji.
It was sunny today so we expected it,
but we couldn't... 

I just imagined the shape of the mountain...
I will come again someday.

Tokyo has many tall buildings.
Buidlings turned orange because of the sunset.
The contrast of orange and blue was beautiful.

Then we went to Tokyo station.
New Tokyo station was opened from this month.

It is the rebuilding of about 100 years ago.
The rebuilt building on the left side,
and the modern buildings on the right side.

Though both were so beautiful,
but the sky color behind me was also so amazing.

Today we walked a lot.
I will go to bed soon...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

from China

Now my friend who works in China has come back to Japan,
so yesterday any friends gathered to meet him.
We had nabe (Japanese style hot pot dish) for lunch at Ikebukuro.
One pot for each person,
so there was a line of 5 pots.
 He bought us Chinese candy.
I have had this many times and I like this so much!
After having lunch,
we looked around the town.
Then we found that the pattern of the cloud was strange.
It was the stripe pattern.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

the sudden rain

Last night I had dinner with my friend.
But when finished dinner and left the restaurant,
it was rainning cats and dogs!
So we moved to the ice cream shop and ate one as a dessert.
Many people were there to avoid the rain.

After eating and resting,
we could went back home.
As I ate a lot last night,
even today I am full...

footprint of the summer

Yesterday when I was walking,
I found beautiful green leaf.
But when I saw it from closer distance,
I found that it was the insect.
A insect is the symbol of the summer to me.
But it is getting cold these days and it is almost fall.
When I found this green instect,
I recognized that the summer hasn't gone yet completely.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I bought two cute magnets in the Czeceh when I traveled there last month.
I liked them as soon as I found them and got soon.
But when I showed them to my mom,
she said that they were so ugly and no one wanted to buy them. 
I think these two funny magnets are so nice.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

English muffin

Last Saturday I had lunch with my friend.
We went to my favorite restaurant.
When I went to there before,
I ordered the pancake.
But the English muffin with egg and cheeze
which the guy of my next table seemed to be so tasty.
So I decided to order it the next time.
Last week I could have it. I guessed,
it was sooooo delicious.
The cheeze was creamy and egg was soft boiled.