Saturday, September 28, 2013


I caught a cold..
So I had a poor appetite this morning.
I ate just two of mandarin oranges
and a corn which my mom sent me yesterday.
When I put them on the tray,
the face appeared.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

harvest moon

That happened in the midnight of two days ago..
When I was sleeping on my bed,
I woke up for the intense itching on my left arm.
It was soooo itchy.
I scratched my arm.
And I fell into sleep again soon.
 but woke up again for the itch.
And I scratched...
These were repeated again and again in the midnight.
Next morning,
I found the mosquit in my room!
The perpetrator of my itch was him!
And I found that I had nine mosquito bites only on my left arm!!
That's why he was so fat...
He gained weight after enough dinner... 
Even today, which is 2 days later of that night,
I feel uncomfortable on my arm..
By the way,
I could see the harvest moon tonght.
Fortunately there was no cloud in the sky
so the moon was bright and beautiful.
I recognized that summer was over and it is almost autumn.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It was a holiday yesterday.
I wanted to make effective use of time,
so I woke up early.
But after eating breakfast and cleaned my room,
I got sleepy...
And I slept again...
When I woke up,
it was already 2:30 PM.
I had a late lunch and prepared for going out.
I went to the hair salon to have my hair cut.
And after that I enjoyed shopping.
When I came back home,
I saw the beautiful sunset.
The combination of  sunset and the buildings was so nice.
I took any photos.
I checked them later. 
One of it wasn't visually in focus.
But I thought it was the best in all.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Yesterday mornig,
it rained gustily because the typhoon was getting closer.
But in the afternoon,
it stopped rainning.
So I went for a walk.

I went to the river near my house.
The ground surface of there was colerful and cute because of the wetness by rain.
Also I could see the Sky Tree from there.
Though it was humid a little
but the temprature was not so high,
so it was a good day for a walk.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Last Saturday
I went to Odaiba with my friend.
Though I live in Tokyo
but I have been there only a few times.
So when my friend suggested me to go there,
it was a nice choice.
My friend have lived in Tokyo since last April
but it was the first time for her to go there.
We arrived there around at 4 PM.
We enjoyed looking around Odaiba.
We ate dinner.
And we left that restaurant.
Then we found so beautiul night view outside!
There was the Statue of Liverty in Odaiba.
It was like that I was really in New York though I haven't been there...