Sunday, June 24, 2012


Last week I cooked Couscous.

I had been interested in Couscous from before

and last week I found the instant Couscous so I tried to cook it.

It was very easy.

Just steaming.

Actually, I haven't had the real Couscous,

so I didn't know if that tatse was near to the real Couscous or not,

and if it was too soft or too hard.

Couscous I cooked was like a rice or pasta...

But anyway it was tasty.

I liked it.

After eating this,

I searched the restaurant which serves Couscous in Tokyo in the internet.

Then I found the African food restaurant in Okubo.

That restaurant serves Couscous.

So I will go to there someday for the reserach of Couscous...

pink rabbit and ribbon bear

Last Saturday I ate cute cakes.

Pink rabbit and ribbon bear.

Inside of the rabbit cake was the cream and sponge.

Bear cake was the brownie.

When I saw their eyes,

I thought I can't eat...but ate all!

Good bye~~

Not only the appearance but also the taste was good.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The typhoon is hitting Tokyo today,

so it was rainning when I left my office.

On the way to my house,

I found any umbrellas which hung on the board, which had small roof.

So they were hiding from the rain though they are umbrella.

They neglct their job.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Takoyaki party

Last Saturday I had Takoyaki party.

Takoyaki is the octopus dumpling.

We four people cooked so many many Takoyaki and ate them all.

Making round form is interesting.

Especially, at that night,

two Takoyakis at the front in the following photo is the perfect round form to me.

The champions of Takoyaki.


We put Takoyaki sauce, dried bonito, and laver on the top of Takoyaki.

Usually when I eat something as soon as it was cooked,

it is the most delicious:)

Monday, June 4, 2012

batter-fry by myself

Today I had dinner with my cousins in Ikebukuro.

We went to stick fry restaurant.

It was buffet system.

Many kinds of ingredient with sticks were lined in the counter.

We choose favorite sticks from there.

Then we batter-fry them by oneselves on the hot oil on each tables.

It was interesting.

Freshly-fried ingredient was so delicious.

All ingredients were tasty but especially my favorites were smoked cheeze, donuts, salmon...

In the menu there was a octopus sausage too.

I fried it without batter.

Then I found that octopus has two eyes and mouth!

It was so cute.