Thursday, June 27, 2013


Today I met a monster at Akihabra.
He was as tall as me.
He was so cute.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Yesterday I went to Ogawamachi to buy the trekking shoes.
There are so many shops to sell goods for sports in that area.
I could  get nice shoes.
After shopping
I was thirsty and hungry a little.
So I entered one cafe around there.
The interior in that cafe was cute and cool.
I liked there.
The half of the cafe space was like a museum.
Any pictures of sumo wrestler were displayed.

I ordered the cafe au lait and cake.
The cake was small!
The cup of cafe au lait was big!!!
( Though the cake was sooooo delicious ;) )

I found small goldfish in the cafe.
It was a really nice cafe.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Eggs Benedict

I made an eggs benedict for Sunday breakfast.
I made this dish for the first time.
Also making a poached egg was also first time to me.
I made a Hollandaise sauce by easier way.
But taste was good.
I like the holiday's morning.
When I have enough time to prepare for breakfast and
when I can have it with taking time,
I feel happiness :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

in my hometown

I returned to my hometown in Hokkaido last weekend.
I could see any cherryblossoms!
Actually it is the spring flower but Hokkaido is cold place,
so it's season of this year was delayed so much.
Anyway it was lucky that I could see it in Hokkaido.

Also I saw many tulips in the garden of my parents' house.

They were so colorful and cute.
My mom loves them and
she asked me this again and again,
'they are so nice, aren't they?'.
Yes mom, I think so too ;)

baby in the Chinese citron

I eat Chinese citron almost every day.
A few weeks ago,
when I peeled the Chinese citron,
I found the baby at the middle of it!!