Monday, January 9, 2012

dumplings in Shanghai!

I spent the end of year and New year's day in Shanghai.

My friend has been working there so I visited her.

As I really like Chinese food, especially dumpling,

I ate dumpling everyday when I stayed in China.

This is one I ate in Wuxi.

It was double size compared with normal one

and skin was thicker.

This is one I ate in Suzhou.

I ate dumpling and fried dumpling.

Both are so tasty.

This is one I ate at Din Tai Fung in Shanghai.

This restaurant is based on Taiwan and very famous.

It is more expensive than other local restaurants but so delicious.

I have heard that there are also Din Tai Fung in Japan but I haven't been yet. 

This is one I ate in Shanghai before I went back Japan.

It was cheap and succulent.

Actually though I had something lying on my stomach during my stay

but I really enjoyed eating many dumplings in China.

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