Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the shaved ice...

Last Sunday I went to Nippori with my friend.
I wanted to go to the restaurant which was famous for the delicious shaved ice.
But after we arrived at Nippori station and on the way for that restaurant,
we found the local summer festival there.
So we went around.
I found many bananas which were coated with colorful chocolate.
I love it so much.
Though it was before we would have the shaved ice,
I decided to have it.
When I found this banana in the local festival,
I never fail to eat it!
Then we continued looking around the festival.
When I was a child,
I used to enjoy playing games at the festival.
I remenbered my childhood.

We also saw the portble shrines.

We enjoyed the festival,
and then we went to the shaved ice restaurant.
But I was surpried to see the line of waiting people in front of it.
It is very famous restaurant and it was Sunday that day,
so many people came from far places.
We also tried to add that line,
but the restaurant staff told us that we couldn't do it because there were full booking till closing time.
So we gave up the shaved ice.
We went back to the festival and ate anything.
I forgot the name of that food but it was like a Okonomiyaki.
It was so so.
Then we walked around Nippori and enjoyed window shopping.
Before we went back home,
we dropped at that shaved ice restaurant again because we thougt there might be any possibilities...
Fortunately when we arrieved there,
less people were waiting though there was still enough time till closing time.
I asked the staff and then she told me that you might be able to enter the restaurant.
So we decided to wait.
During waiting,
we saw the portable shrines again.
The lighted up one was more beautiful.
We waited for about 15 min.
Finally we could sit down.
I ordered the berry yogurt flavor.
It was sooooooo tasty.
Since we were satisfied so much,
we went for the station.
The another bon dance festival was also held around the station.
The drum player was a small girl.
It was so cool.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I went to the Bon dance festival which was held at the park near our office last Friday.
Bon dance was originally a religious ceremony held to send off spirist,
but now they have become a local festival for entertainment.
Any player were beating the drum with the music for Bon dance on the central stage.
People were circling around it with dancing.
The Bon dance festival is the seasonal tradition in Japan
but at the same time the scene of it made me feel that summer will be over soon.
And yesterday when I went out,
it was so hot.
Pigeons were also seemed to be so tired and relaxing on the ground.
Here Tokyo is much hotter than my hometown.
I saw sitting pigeons for the first time in Tokyo.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

the last day of my holidays

Last Sunday I went to the gym to play the bowldering.
Then I went to the beer garden with the fellow of climbing.
We ordered the grilled beef of Korean style.
When the grill was served,
we were all surprised.
Oh so much beef!!
We thought all was the beef.
But actually the beef was only the surface.
Most of the content was the vegetable.
We understood soon.
Anyway having dinner with friends outside was fun.
Then we went to Karaoke.
It was the last day of my 5 days holidays.
I could spend the fulfilling day.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

strolling YANAKA

I strolled around YANAKA with my friend last Friday.

It was the first time to go there to me but my friend was very familier with there.

So she guiede me.

YANAKA was one of the area where I had wanted to go so I was glad.

As soon as we started walking,

I found the camel on the roof .

YANAKA is the miracle area (though it is the fake).

Then I saw the cat on the garbage.

Actually YANAKA is famous for many stray cats.

We found many cats during our strolling.

Maybe the cat on the photo is overseeing if people throw the empty cans into the garbage.

Then we went to the shaved ice restaurant.

There was the line of waiting people outside of there.

 Also there were many customers inside.

Two staffs were shaving the ice with  turnning the wheel constantly.

 I ordered the orange yoghurt flavor.

It was served soon.

It was so soft as newly-fallen snow.

So fluffy!

 The youghurt was home-made and it was so delicious.

Then we went to the Indian restaurant.

I ordered the vegetable curry.

The curry was tasty but especially all of the decorative things in that restaurant was Indian style.

So I felt like I was in India.

I liked there so much.

After saying goodbye to my friend, I was so full.

So I dropped off at the station which was away from the nearest one from my house,

and I walked the distance of three stations.

When I went back home and checked my pedometer,

I had walked over the 16,000 steps that day.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the climbing shoes

Finally I bought the climbing shoes today.

I started the bouldering the June of last year.

I had wanted to buy my own shoes since I started it.

But I hesitated to buy it because it was not cheap.

So I rent the shoes every time at the gym.

The time had passed.

I was considering to buy.

Then more than one year had passed.

Oh I noticed that buying my own shoes was totally cheaper than renting every time...

It was too late...

Um but anyway I am happy now to get my own shoes.

Generally speaking

 wearing the shoes without socks is the best when people climb the wall.

But when I rent it at the gym,

I have to take my socks for it.

But from next time I don't need to do it.

Oh but I shouldn't forget taking my new shoes.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the summer evening

Yesterday evening,

when I went back home from my office and saw the sky from my room,

it was so beautiful.

The gradation of the pink and purple color was the artistic.

I really like the sky of summer evening.

Monday, August 6, 2012

summer evening

Today I went to Asakusabashi to buy something after my job.

Then I saw the setting sun which was reflected on the river.

It was so beautiful.

I like the summer evening the best in one year.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Last Saturday I went out to see the fireworks with my cousin.

It was one of the biggest fireworks event in Tokyo,

so  there were so many people even before it started.

 Since there were so many people, the police were controlling them.

 One police was warnning people to make the flow of it fluent from the high place.

He was on the stage.

And the fireworks befind him.

Oh he was like a super star ;)

We saw the fireworks from the bridge.

It was so beautiful.

 After seeing the fireworks,

we were walking to the subway station.

Then we saw the lighted up 'sky tree'.

 We found something like the small sky tree near it.

Baby sky tree :)