Monday, November 11, 2013

Pocky & PRETZ day

It is a Pocky & PRETZ day today.
Actually this is just a commercial strategy by the snack industry.
The industry promotes cosumer to buy and eat Pocky and PRETZ on November 11th every year.
November 11th, which is 11 / 11, looks like Pocky and PRETZ because of these straight lines.

I am a good consumer so I had obeyed this strategy.
But since 2011's Pocky and PRETZ day,
I had made them by myself.
I made PRETZ this year.

I used the garlic margarine instead of the normal margarine.
It was more delicious than I had expected ;)
This is the photo of 2011.
I wanted to make the slim pocky
but it was too fat.
It didn't look like Pocky.
So there was no other choice but to confess that this is Pocky!

By the way

now I noticed..I misspelled..

It is not Pockey but Pocky...

In 2012,
My Pocky got slim :)
It was tasty.
But coating with chocolate was hard work.
The PRETZ which I made this year was good choice.
I had no such a hard work ;)

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