Monday, November 18, 2013

exit from the earth?

Last Saturday,
I went to Roppongi.
I could see many Christmas lights there.

I saw the night view from Mori tower.
I found Tokyo tower.
I think the form and color of it is so beautiful.
But...what is the green light which is at the right side of it?

it was the emergency exit mark.
The green mark of the exit on the Mori tower was reflected to the window,
so when I tool the photo from inside,
the reflected light was also in the photo.
When I saw this photo later,
I thoght that this emergency exit mark looked like the exit from the earth to the universe.
It was interesting.
Tokyo is very big city.
Some people say that Tokyo is too busy
and they feel lonely.
But I like here.
It is energetic.

After seeing beautiful night view,
I went to the museum in the same tower.
Though I couldn't understand some artworks,
but I enjoyed there.

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