Monday, November 4, 2013

last Saturday

Last Friday,
my Taiwanese friend came to Japan.
We met at the hostel in Denmark  4 years ago.
It is amazing that we could meet again in Japan!!
We went to some places in Tokyo on Saturday.
At first,
we went to Senso-ji.
It is famous and populer both for Japanese and foreighner.
But when we arrived there,
I saw a shocking scene.
The big paper lantern which is the symbol of there was under the renovation.
So we could see only the picture of it...
But I reconsidered.
This scenery is more rare than normal!
In the area of the temple,
there were many stores and food stalls.
I found the choco banana and got it soon.
I really like this.
We had Soba for lunch near the temple.
It was so nice!

After that,
we looked around Akihabara and head for Shinjyuku to see my friends.
We two and 5 Japanese friends had dinner together.
And after that,
we went to thirty-one to have the dessert.
I ordered two scoop of ice cream.

Pattern of my ice creams was similer to my friend's jacket a little...

After that,
we went to Tokyo Metropolitan government tower and saw beautiful night view.
It was a nice day this day.

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