Thursday, March 7, 2013

Base Camp

Last week
I went to the biggest climbing gym, 'Base Camp' in Saitama prefecture.
On the way to the gym,
I found the chocolate drink from 'Chocolatier Masale' at the station.
Chocolatier Masale is my favorite chocolate shop in Hokkaido.
So I boutht it as soon as I saw it.
Taste was...
sooooo chocolate!!
sooooo rich.
I liked it.

Then I arrived at the gym.
As I saw it in the web previously,
it was really big.

And the most surprising thing was that I found many highly skilled children there.
I don't see them at the gym I usually go.
Children were flexible, light and it seemed to be easy to climb.
I want to emulate them...
I have to train harder than now.

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