Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sakura mochi

Last week I made a Sakura mochi.
Sakura mochi is a cherry flavored soft sweet rice cake.
It is a sweet for spring.
I really like Sakuramochi so finally I made it!!
At first I soak the salted cherry leaf in water to get the salt out.

Then make the bean paste into a ball.
I made 16 balls.

And prepare for the pink colored glutinous rice.

Then make it as a stick.
Then divide it into 16 parts.
 And wrap a round bean paste with the pink colored glutinous rice.
They look so delicious already!
 Finally cover each pink ball with a cherry leaf.

I made the flower shaped Sakuramochi too :)
Making Sakuramochi was so fun and it was much more delisious than one I buy at the store.
I was so satisfied with. 
I will make it again!!!

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