Monday, February 25, 2013

Japan Cup

Yesterday I saw the Japan cup of the boudering at the Komazawa park.
I started the bouldering two years ago,
but it was the first time to see a live match.
I watched only the final match.
I had been looking forward to watching the climbing of one woman.
She is so prominent and very famous.
Not only she is tough but also so beautiful.
Her climbing was excellent than I had expected.
Of course she got the champion of this match.
When a climber was climbing the wall,
The audience was also so nervous.
They, including me,
sometimes gave a sigh,
sometimes shouted 'hold on!!',
sometimes clapped hands many times....
soooo exciting!!!!
By the way,
It was held Tokyo marathon yesterday.
When I was heading for the statin,
I found many running people.
yesterday dogs were also enjoying the marathon.

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