Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the shaved ice...

Last Sunday I went to Nippori with my friend.
I wanted to go to the restaurant which was famous for the delicious shaved ice.
But after we arrived at Nippori station and on the way for that restaurant,
we found the local summer festival there.
So we went around.
I found many bananas which were coated with colorful chocolate.
I love it so much.
Though it was before we would have the shaved ice,
I decided to have it.
When I found this banana in the local festival,
I never fail to eat it!
Then we continued looking around the festival.
When I was a child,
I used to enjoy playing games at the festival.
I remenbered my childhood.

We also saw the portble shrines.

We enjoyed the festival,
and then we went to the shaved ice restaurant.
But I was surpried to see the line of waiting people in front of it.
It is very famous restaurant and it was Sunday that day,
so many people came from far places.
We also tried to add that line,
but the restaurant staff told us that we couldn't do it because there were full booking till closing time.
So we gave up the shaved ice.
We went back to the festival and ate anything.
I forgot the name of that food but it was like a Okonomiyaki.
It was so so.
Then we walked around Nippori and enjoyed window shopping.
Before we went back home,
we dropped at that shaved ice restaurant again because we thougt there might be any possibilities...
Fortunately when we arrieved there,
less people were waiting though there was still enough time till closing time.
I asked the staff and then she told me that you might be able to enter the restaurant.
So we decided to wait.
During waiting,
we saw the portable shrines again.
The lighted up one was more beautiful.
We waited for about 15 min.
Finally we could sit down.
I ordered the berry yogurt flavor.
It was sooooooo tasty.
Since we were satisfied so much,
we went for the station.
The another bon dance festival was also held around the station.
The drum player was a small girl.
It was so cool.

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