Sunday, August 19, 2012

strolling YANAKA

I strolled around YANAKA with my friend last Friday.

It was the first time to go there to me but my friend was very familier with there.

So she guiede me.

YANAKA was one of the area where I had wanted to go so I was glad.

As soon as we started walking,

I found the camel on the roof .

YANAKA is the miracle area (though it is the fake).

Then I saw the cat on the garbage.

Actually YANAKA is famous for many stray cats.

We found many cats during our strolling.

Maybe the cat on the photo is overseeing if people throw the empty cans into the garbage.

Then we went to the shaved ice restaurant.

There was the line of waiting people outside of there.

 Also there were many customers inside.

Two staffs were shaving the ice with  turnning the wheel constantly.

 I ordered the orange yoghurt flavor.

It was served soon.

It was so soft as newly-fallen snow.

So fluffy!

 The youghurt was home-made and it was so delicious.

Then we went to the Indian restaurant.

I ordered the vegetable curry.

The curry was tasty but especially all of the decorative things in that restaurant was Indian style.

So I felt like I was in India.

I liked there so much.

After saying goodbye to my friend, I was so full.

So I dropped off at the station which was away from the nearest one from my house,

and I walked the distance of three stations.

When I went back home and checked my pedometer,

I had walked over the 16,000 steps that day.

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