Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the climbing shoes

Finally I bought the climbing shoes today.

I started the bouldering the June of last year.

I had wanted to buy my own shoes since I started it.

But I hesitated to buy it because it was not cheap.

So I rent the shoes every time at the gym.

The time had passed.

I was considering to buy.

Then more than one year had passed.

Oh I noticed that buying my own shoes was totally cheaper than renting every time...

It was too late...

Um but anyway I am happy now to get my own shoes.

Generally speaking

 wearing the shoes without socks is the best when people climb the wall.

But when I rent it at the gym,

I have to take my socks for it.

But from next time I don't need to do it.

Oh but I shouldn't forget taking my new shoes.

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