Sunday, June 24, 2012


Last week I cooked Couscous.

I had been interested in Couscous from before

and last week I found the instant Couscous so I tried to cook it.

It was very easy.

Just steaming.

Actually, I haven't had the real Couscous,

so I didn't know if that tatse was near to the real Couscous or not,

and if it was too soft or too hard.

Couscous I cooked was like a rice or pasta...

But anyway it was tasty.

I liked it.

After eating this,

I searched the restaurant which serves Couscous in Tokyo in the internet.

Then I found the African food restaurant in Okubo.

That restaurant serves Couscous.

So I will go to there someday for the reserach of Couscous...

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