Thursday, July 18, 2013

ma la tang

I ate 'ma la tang' for dinner a few days ago.
A ma la tang is a Chinese bean-starch vermicelli.
In the restaurant,
I could choose three ingredients from the shelf on the back.
I chose a green vegetable, won-ton, and fried ball.
And I passed them to the staff in the kitchen.
Then the staff cooked it and served the dish to me.

I also could choose the spicy level.
According to the staff,
The level '0' is not spicy.
The level '1' is a little spicy.
So she told me that 'if you don't like the spicy one so much,
I can recommend you the level 0.5'.
So I ordered that.

As she said,
it was not so spicy.
But it was more spicy than I had expected.
it was delicious :)

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