Thursday, April 11, 2013


Last Saturday I went to the CUP NOODLES FACTORY in Yokohama.
Many historical cup noodles were displayed there.
Especially I was interested in the Doraemon noodle.
It was so cute!!
I hope it would be reproduced now.

And there was the wall of cup noodle!

The first instant noodle was invented by Japanese.
Ando Momofuku, who is the inventor of it,
challenged making the instant noodle many times in this room.

This is the art noodle.
After I learned about the history of the instant and cup noodles,
and the inventor of them,
I joined to the workshop of a chicken noodle.
I could experience making noodle.

This is my noodle.

Making it was so interesting.
Though I couldn't take photoes but we made the noodle from the flour.
I already tasted my noodle.
It was much more delicious than sold ones ;)
After I enjoyed making noodles,
I drank the mint chocolate at the cafe near the factory.
It was also sooooo yummy!
I liked Yokohama so much.

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