Monday, April 15, 2013

go back to hometown

Last weekend I went back to my hometown.
I made Sakura mochi for my family.
Sakura mochi is the cherry flavored soft sweet rice cake.
My mom ate 4 Sakura mochis at once and said that she was so full.
I thought it was no wonder.
I really like mom's dish.
She made the soup curry for Sunday lunch.
It was delisious.

And I like my parents' house.

I had dinner with my parents at the airport.
We went into the Italian restaurant.
We were sitting on the seat near the glass.
Suddenly my mom said that they were watching us.
Who were they?
I looked at the left side.
Oh I understood soon.
They were pigs!!

I ordered the cheeze pasta.
The staff made it in front of us.
She put the pasta into the big cheeze bowl
and mixed it.
Good smell.
Good taste.
It was so delisious.

This time my stay in my hometown was very short
but I could be satisfied with a lot.

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