Monday, November 28, 2011

fried dumpling near Tokyo station

Yesterday I ate fried dumpling at the restautrant near Tokyo station.

I had known this resutaurant since before but it was first time to try.

When I passed the restaurant, I had always found the waiting people,

so I had expected that it must be so delicious.

Fortunately there was no people in the restaurant yesterday

because it was earlier time than dinner.

But when I began to eat, many people came into the restaurant.

I really like fried dumpling and this was also so tasty.

The cook fried this as soon as I ordered so it was so hot and delicious.

And also I ordered noodle (涼皮麺 liang pi mian) too.

This noodle is made from rice powder and there was spicy sauce on the top.

Umm...this was also not bad but I like fried dumpling after all.

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