Sunday, February 2, 2014


 It was a international day to me yesterday.
A few days ago I found the Bulgarian food restaurant in Tokyo on the web.
As a yogurt lover,
I was very interested in.
So I went there for lunch yesterday.
That restaurant is located near Tokyo station.

I ordered the lunch course.
The main dish was a Musaka.
The following photo shows the appetizer.
Everything was tasty.
Especially the dessert was so delicious.
It was the yogurt with rose jam.
The yogurt was so rich that it was like a cheese cake!
Bulgarian Sumo wrestler welcomes a customer outside of the restaurant's door.
After eating lunch,
I went to the Turkish bakery.
When I traveled in Turky 7 years ago,
I was impressed that Turkish bread was so delicious.
But Turkish bakery is not common in Japan.
So when I got the information about the Turkish bakery in Tokyo,
I was so happy.
At the bakery, I chose many kinds of breads.
I tasted some of them this morning.
They were delicious.
And in the evening of yesterday,
I went to new opened Indian curry restaurant near my house.
Actually when I went out in the morning,
Indian staff was leafletting the discount ticket.
So I went there with it.
I ordered Momo.
It is the Nepalese dumpling.
 And Chowmian.
Beans curry.
This day I experienced three country's cuisine culture only in one day.
Bulgaria, Turky, and India.
It's international.
In these three countries,
I haven't been to Bulgaria yet.
So I want to visit there someday.


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