Thursday, September 19, 2013

harvest moon

That happened in the midnight of two days ago..
When I was sleeping on my bed,
I woke up for the intense itching on my left arm.
It was soooo itchy.
I scratched my arm.
And I fell into sleep again soon.
 but woke up again for the itch.
And I scratched...
These were repeated again and again in the midnight.
Next morning,
I found the mosquit in my room!
The perpetrator of my itch was him!
And I found that I had nine mosquito bites only on my left arm!!
That's why he was so fat...
He gained weight after enough dinner... 
Even today, which is 2 days later of that night,
I feel uncomfortable on my arm..
By the way,
I could see the harvest moon tonght.
Fortunately there was no cloud in the sky
so the moon was bright and beautiful.
I recognized that summer was over and it is almost autumn.

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