Saturday, August 31, 2013

shaved ice with tea?

I ate the shaved ice with my friend last Thursday.
I think that this restaurant's shaved ice is the best in ones I have ever had.
It is so soft and like a snow!!
I ordered the shaved ice with melon syrup.
We put the syrup on the top of white mountain.
A Japanese tea was also served together.
I have visited this restaurant many times
but it was the first time to my friend.
So she didn't expect that this dark liquid was a tea...
She had believed that this brown one was also a sort of a syrup.
She added the tea onto the shaved ice!
I was so surprised to see that and shouted 'why??'.
 She stopped her action as soon as and she was also so suprised to know that it was a tea.
the amount of a tea which was added to the ice was not so much.
And she seemed to be satisfied with the taste of it,
so I was also glad.

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