Thursday, November 29, 2012

the leaf viewing 2

Last weekend I went to the leaf vieweing with my friends again.
This time we went to the Rikugien.
It is Japanese garden.
The leaf have turned red already. beautiful.

When I told mom that I would go to the leaf viewing on the previous day,
she said that 'oh the leaf viewing... so you have to buy Momiji manju'.
Momiji manju is the famous sweet souvenir of Hiroshima.
It has the shape of the leaf.
I searched the store where I could get it in Tokyo,
and finally I could find.
It was sold at Mitsukoshi whish is the famous department store.
So I went there only to get Momiji manjyu in the rain...
When we were enjoying viewing the colorful leaves,
we found the street performers.
They were spinning the plate with their foreheads.

Then we continued walking...

Oh again Momiji manjyu...

I also found the green carpet.
So beautiful.

After that one another friend joined us and we had Turkish lunch.
It was so tasty.

The interior decorating of that restaurant was also nice.
It was a good holiday.

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