Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shinjyuku and Tokyo station

Today I went to Shinjyuku with my friend.
When we were walking,
I found Ganesha which was made of balloon.
When I am walking anytime and anywhere in Tokyo,
I can find anything interesting every time.
It is one of my favorite elements of Tokyo.
Then we ate noodle for lunch near Shinjyuku station.
It was tasty.
After eating lunch and looking around any shops,
we still had time so went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
If it was good weather,
we could see Mt. Fuji.
It was sunny today so we expected it,
but we couldn't... 

I just imagined the shape of the mountain...
I will come again someday.

Tokyo has many tall buildings.
Buidlings turned orange because of the sunset.
The contrast of orange and blue was beautiful.

Then we went to Tokyo station.
New Tokyo station was opened from this month.

It is the rebuilding of about 100 years ago.
The rebuilt building on the left side,
and the modern buildings on the right side.

Though both were so beautiful,
but the sky color behind me was also so amazing.

Today we walked a lot.
I will go to bed soon...

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