Thursday, July 19, 2012


Last week my parents had visited me from Hokkaido.

The second day of their staying,

we went to Izu together.

When we were walking on the street near Izu station,

I was surprised to find many aligned squids!

They were being dried in the air.

Then we went to the aquarium.

I met cute seal!

I wanted bring it to my home...

And I saw the jelly fish.

I like the jelly fish so much so always when I go to the aqualium I don't forget watching it.

They are so mystic.

Then I found the coke of the green tea flavor.

But actually I couln't recognize the flavor of green tea.

It was like a normal coke.

The streetsscape of Izu was beautiful. 

We could enjoy staying in Izu.

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