Thursday, May 3, 2012

at the airport

Today I went back my hometown in Hokkaido by airplane.

In the airplane,

I was so uncomfortable because of turbulence.

But it was fine that I could arrive New Chitose airport safely...

My parents ware waiting for me at the airport.

We had lunch together there.

Hokkaido is famous for delicious noddle.

So there are many noodle restaurants in the airport.

We had lunch at 'Ebisoba' which means the noodle of shrimp.

Soup had smell of spicy shrimp and it was so tasty.

We ware satisfied with delicious lunch.

This noodle was too much to me,

so after eating this, I was so full.

It seemed to be same to my mom too, and she couldn't eat all.

So mom asked my dad to eat the left of her noodle.

Mom said, 'I am so full...'.

But surprisingly, my mom was eating ice cream additionally as soon as we left this restaurant.

I could not believe her stomach.

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