Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jyangara noodle

Last Saturday after I ate pancake with my friends in Harajyuku,

we moved to Akihabara and ate noodle for dinner at Jyangara.

My friend told me that Jyangara is famous noodle restaurant,

but I didn't know.

I ordered the noodle without soup.

Seafood powder was put on the noodle.

I liked it.

Actually this day I ate noodle for lunch too,

but I like noodle better than any other main food,

so I don' t care about it at all

and even every meals are noodle is good for me.

This morning I had meeting with American using web on my job.

It was the first time to have English session to me

so I was nervous a little.

Sometimes American couldn't understand my English and

I also couldn't understand what they spoke.

I really recognized that I have to train my English speaking and listenning skill....

This kind of experience is precious because it can motivate me.

The important thing is to keep on doing it.

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